Monday, October 29, 2007


Kids racing at Crosstoberfest was some of the best I have seen!

what, climbing in a cross race?

ohran demonstrating how not to negotiate a run up, although I think his form is ready for La Ruta, look at those calves.

Ketchum has a cool vibe. Cross racing in a small town is rad. Race results are discussed among locals at the grocery checkout, kids racing with call ups, and cow bells that have seen use on a cow.

Race #1 had all the cash money (which was put up by wobblenaught) and I botched it. After building a solid lead I found I had a softening front tire, after a couple laps of nursing it I was able to switch bikes to my newly built c-dale. After 2 laps on that bike I tore the front tire off the rim on a hot downhill left hander and ground myself into the dirt. I then rode about a lap on the front rim and was passed by CPR. Long story short I changed back to my bike with the slow leak and nursed it to the finish for 2nd, still some coin but not the cash cow.

Race #2 was was nearly on the same course but rather than a large mud hole and run down it included a ski run-run up and high speed gravel descent. I rode steady building a lead throughout to take the Idaho State Championships but because I am not from the ID no medal for me, Cody represented well to take the big spud.

A big thanks to Adrian from Scott for a place to crash, I made a cool bed out of a massage table. Scott Montgomery (off Cannondale and now Scott fame) and his family for a great evening and dinner. B firth for a ride up and showing me some fun trails in Adam's gulch. Ohran for making my running skills look good and a bite of his $13 pancakes. The cyclists and fans in ID for some great racing.

The only bad thing is I missed my family

Sunday, October 21, 2007

more cross

I got waxed in the mud yesterday by Ali G, I felt ok but just did not have the focus, mental edge or desire to push, not to mention I was floundering in the mud. The legs did not have the normal snap but I expected that, its the mental collapse I am disappointed about. That's racing I guess and in the long run getting beat is exactly what I needed. I hate to say it but I get a little complacent about the local races at times and don't always bring an aggressive riding style. Ali brought it yesterday and I was happy to watch it.

After stewing on my mental collapse I was motivated for today's race. It was not about winning but just riding aggressive and confident for 1 hour. The course was fast and not as selective making it more difficult to get away but I decided I was going to keep on the gas even if it meant pulling a train of guys around wheeler. Again my legs were a little flat but my focus was much better and I was able to get away. Mona Vie Mitch was looking strong and seems to be on good form for collegiate nats next weekend. It is also fun to see the crew from the cross clinics out there killin it!

Today was non stop action- Taught Sunday school in the am, rode to the cross race, raced, rode to the VA to cover for a coworker that got sick and see a couple new admits and then rode home at about 7:30 to play with Eva before bed. Good prep for La Ruta.
Now it's time for a night shot of Mona Vie and bed.

Pictures won't load tonight?

Thursday, October 18, 2007


A local paper reporting on something other than a ball sport, crazy!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


check it,6610,s1-1-323-16513-1,00.html

Big props to Ohran for busting out the hot laps in Moab. It was fun to see him bouncing around all excited like a school girl on IV red bull. I finally got him to buy into my top seceret working stiff/family man training program and it is paying off.

So I am back to cross racing for a few weeks until La Ruta. Moab got me excited for more time on the MTB but I am sure my tune will change about half way into a 15000 ft stage over volcano's. Hopefully short intense cross races turn out to be great preperation for a 4 day stage race through the jungle.

Monday, October 15, 2007

24 Hours of Moab

Another 24 hrs of Moab in the books. After taking a couple years off from the event it was good to be back and I must say it was nice not riding duo/pro. I think the social aspect of milling around for a few days in the desert with thousands of other cool people is the best part and it is difficult to enjoy if you are always on the bike. 4 person is a great ratio of riding to socializing.

Because I don't have nor want remote updating capabilities and am a very poor at getting rad pics you will have to check the teams official historian for details of the event but here are a few shots.

This 400 meter sprint is why I am sore today, running a few steps over barriers is not running. The first lap was pretty fun and I found myself quickly in the lead, T Brown caught me on the flat windy backside and put the hurt on me in the sand. He had some trouble so Mike Janell and I cruised in to take the first lap

Sager begged to do my laps for me but I would not let him so he logged some extra warm up miles on the airdyne

Bella (Ohran's Daughter) in the pink propeller helmet finished a strong 2nd in the 24 minutes of Moab, we can't call her Slowran.

Eva had a great time dancing in the sand in her pj's

Warmin up for my early morning lap

Embarrassing! Granny Gear thought it would be fun to crown the guy and gal with fastest lap of the event, Willow Korber must have got word and split early. It least I had on my red shoes to match.

A big thanks to Mona Vie. It is no wonder they are a success full company, the individuals running it are class acts and quite impressive on bikes considering their experience, surely all that acai helps.

Also a big thanks to the other sponsors: The Scalpel rules, enough said! Reynolds carbon MTB wheels can slam red rock at mach speed in the dark without even a flinch. Egg beaters are the sand pedal. Light and Motion lights feel like cheating. Jaine Gillespie has no equal when it comes to 24 hour support personnel, she juggles 3 teams, works a mean egg burito, plays grandma, runs the compond and all without a lick of sleep or fan fare.

Maybe more later.....

Sunday, October 07, 2007


Heber, Utah played host the 2nd stop of the utah cyclcrosss series and demonstrated there warm hospitality by setting up the snow makers and muddin up the entire rodeo grounds. They also went above and beyond by firing up an industrial strength air conditioner and drop the normal balmy Utah October temps.

The mud was fun but the cold kind of got to me, with the snow and wind I was not able to get warm during the race and felt like the blood in my legs was freezing and causing my skin to crack. I was not very focused and backed off an early move and raced around the loop with "socks Goulet" who seemed to be getting the majority of the crowd support, it must have be the socks. In the end I was able to pull away but Ali was the more aggressive rider and was really ripping some of the muddier sections. I am bummed to be missing next weeks race at the RMR as the off camber side hill is one of my favorite sections, but duty calls and TeamMonaVie needs me at the 24hours of moab.

Eva leads the cheering section through another round of "the sun will come out tomorrow". If the trend continues my own family may start cheering for anyone other than me!

Ohran and I did a classic MTB ride this afternoon on some serious hero dirt, I was laying the scalpel over in the corners and actually got pumped for Moab this weekend, riding a cross bike you forget what a mountain bike can do on the DH.

With the weather cooling off we stoked up the fire pit tonight for some weenies, smores, and Rosies now famous vegtable Chili. I think this is my new all time favorite soup, and I am a conisoure of fine soups. Also of mention was Ali and Joanna's pumpkin cookies, very well executed.

I got more pics but for some stinkin reason I can't post them and I smell like smoke.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007


At 12 weeks old it's about 2.5 inches long and weighs 10-12 grams with a resting heart rate in the 150's. Eva's going to have someone to race!

Life's experiences keep getting richer

Monday, October 01, 2007

Xfactor in UT

I think the coolest thing about the weekends cross race was the fleet of demo bikes provided by canyon for junior riders wanting to experience the best racing on 2 wheels. Spread the word, $5 for junior entry and a free bike to ride. Send them to for details. Hopefully in the future we can coordinate some kind of junior clinic.

I had some cool contrast pictures of riding in the snow at 34F and building a snowman with Eva on Saturday to sunny cross racing and Eva playing in the dirt on Sunday but I can't load the pictures so just imagine it.

Whats the deal with coaches telling riders what races they can and can't do, it has been nearly impossible to find female 24hr racers because all their coaches won't let them race. I could really go off right now but will save it for another time. Cycling needs less coaches and more mentors, this a lifetime sport not the NFL.

It was fun to see Ali's cross clinic-ers ripping over the weekend and hopefully you will all let me know how it went. I also witnessed some regulars from Drx's thursday night clinic that looked pretty chill on the barriers. The best thing about the first local cross race of the year is our weaknesses are revealed.
My list:
-I found that my back was not able to survive 1 hour in and out of the saddle on a twisty course at speed. I historically have an unstable SI joint and will have to step up my efforts to improve the endurance of my extension stabilizers as well as smooth out my power transfers in and out of the saddle.
-I noticed I was not as smooth through the barriers in the last 10 minutes despite not being under pressure. My endurance off the bike is lacking.
Just a couple other things to work, the details make all the diference in the red zone.

Now I got to watch the Hills!