Tuesday, February 23, 2010

weekday morning treat

Nice morning for a tour. Wake up and have breakfast with the girls and then off to the mountains before more work on the house. Days off mid week rule!

High elevation is where it's at stability wise right now so once again hit up Little Cottonwood.
Up Flagstaff-->down upper Days--> up upper Days--> Down Holly Toledo--> up East Cardif ridge--> down NW Cardiff --> up to Cardiac ridge--> down from Cardiac ridge --> up Cardiac bowl and "scramble" up N ridge of Superior--Down into upper Mill B South-->back up to Cardiac bowl ridge--> down Cardiac bowl--> Up Cardiff peak--> down East Cardiff chutlets--> back to Alta.

Cool temps and full sun. Snow was stable and predictable with ski cuts. NW wind from yesterday had moved a little snow around but everything was still soft. South faces warmed and rolling a little by noon. Wanted to ski North Superior Chute but it was fairly wind loaded and seemed like a good way to wreck a great morning tour. Also wanted to exit South Superior but would have needed an earlier start. Took some good pics but now my camera battery is dead.

Ran a little low on food near the end which is not surprising since Rosie talked me into this 21 day clense. That's another story itself...

The more I tour the more I am convinced that "light is right." F1/dynafit/manaslu set up was great today and I was able to rack up a fair bit of skiing in half a day at a steady pace. A little stiffer boot with the same articulation and weight would be ideal. Hopefully soon...

Learning to be fast and efficient in the mountains is addicting, skis or bike.

Sunday, February 07, 2010

saturday morning route...

Little Pine-Birthday Chutes-Red Baldy-Scotties Bowl