Tuesday, September 25, 2007


So a few weeks ago I woke up opened the drapes on the sliding glass door leading out to the deck and found a bobcat sniffing around on the side lawn, it was a big one and bolted before I could get any pictures. Well today mom and baby bobcat were back and this time were in no hurry. Rosie got a few shots of them hanging out at the top of the steps in the backyard. Rosie went out on the deck to get a better shot and momma cat curled her back up and growled scarring Rosie back in the house. Maybe it's not such a good idea to let Eva run around by herself in the yard.

Here is Jon putting the hurt on Mr Knapp himself on the "Knapp Time" run up in Tacoma. My pic skillz just don't stack up to Sager.

Monday, September 24, 2007

NW cross

1st cross weekend is in the books and I finally have something to write about. Check Sager's flickr for some cool pics, I got a few weak ones. and may get them up in the coming days.

Flew to Seattle after work, the air was crystal clear and with a window seat I had some amazing views. Arrived 20 minutes Early! Jon and Ali drove up with my bike and picked me up at the airport. I got in a couple hours before them so rather than hang out I went for a hour and half walk dragging my roller bag down the street, I guess if you can't ride, walk.

Racing at 8pm can be a little frustrating for someone that is use to filling every minute of the day. After a good nights sleep cuddled up to Ali and some Life cereal I headed out on a little morning ride. About 20 minutes in I straighten a crooked seatpost and snapped the seat clamp, leave it to mister mm! I made is back but my triceps were killing me from standing up all the way. I tracked down a bike shop in Tacoma and managed to shim the seatpost with a beer can so I could ride. I finally found a clamp but it took a tour of most of the shops in the greater Tacoma area and nearly another 1.5hrs of riding.

Jon raced at 5pm and we arrived at the course with plenty of time to check out the course. The Masters race was huge and Jon put in a great race dicing for 4th. Feldman crushed it. The course was really fast and flat with bumpy grass and a few tight turns. It was dry but word on the street was about 30 min in to the elite race the dew would rise and things would get slick. Like clock work guys started going down and the racing got good. The field was big and Sager and I started in the 50's. I mostly stayed out of trouble and moved up over the next 2 laps into the 3rd chase group with the Danish dude, Rudy bear, Shep, Stevenson, and a couple others. Coming into the last few turns I got tangled with the Dane and missed out on the sprint for 5th but we caught some of the 2nd chase and I recovered to take 9th. Shortly after the finish sprint I vomited off the side of the bike, I guess the full sprint from way to far out had an affect on my gut but I was not going to drop a top 10 in the last 1/2 lap. What a cool race. The crowd was amazing and the unlighted sections of the course added a whole new element to "riding by feel" that I quite enjoyed. Sager and Ali rode strong but had some bad luck tangling with other riders and the ground, although I bet if you ask, they had a good time. Ali even had the timers on his side placing him in 13th, only if he would have known to pick up his race winnings.
Back to the hotel and in bed by 12

The fort race is one of my favorites but with my little stubby appendages I don't know why. The 80 meter sand run up is unlike anything in American cross, in a bad kind of way. Because I am writing to much I will just say this. I felt good when I was on my bike but lost 20 meters every lap to Andy and the Dane in the battle for the last spot on the podium. I had the legs to bring it back until about 3 to go and I froze up on the run up and could not get back. I TT the last 3 laps for a solid 7th and felt good about my race. Back to back races with an opportunity in the closing minutes to battle for the podium, that's all you can hope for. The Cannondale cross bike with Reynolds carbon wheels rips not to mention the new Mona Vie kits!

Ali and I jumped a midnight plane back to the SLC to find a very cross like cold rain coming down, the season is here. After a few hours sleep I was back at work on Monday morning like nothing ever happened.

Although I had the opportunity to participate in some great racing, the absolute best part about the weekend was getting to know some new peeps. Ali and Jon were a riot. It's funny how a simple bike racing trip can forge deep friendships, it happens every time and I think that's a big part of why we keep racing. Thanks guys!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

down time

Just a little break from the blog, I will be back soon!

Saturday, September 08, 2007

the best 2 years

Despite battling a mean case of Giardia that I most likely picked up in Puerto Rico, this week has been great. We celebrated Eva's 2nd birthday with a ball party, went to the state fair to see the farm animals, and finished up Friday night with Sushi.

The ball pit was a hit

Perfecting her swing

I am finally dialing in my new cross bike fit and will have it all ready once I get my new Reynolds DV 48's. I will get a picture up soon. I am kicking around the idea of hitting up Star Crossed and the Rad Racing event for some early NW cross racing. On the training front I have been putting in a few efforts on the ride home from work but have yet to get the "cross season sensations". This weekend I plan to do some long rides and enjoy the buffed 1 track if I can keep the giardia and associated symptoms in check, I just started flagyl which should clear things up if I can survive it. I love the test of cold metal.

Monday, September 03, 2007

Labor Day

Back to my roots, or is it trees? Labor day's of my past were spent harvesting peaches on the family farm. Most of the harvest now is contracted out but today the hands were needed and Eva had the opportunity to experience her first harvest.

At the time I did not understand what growing up on a farm meant, now I would not trade it for anything and hope Rog keeps the gig going long enough for my children to learn to love manual labor.

Farmer for a day

The real brains behind the operation

Peaches for desert tonight