Wednesday, November 29, 2006

4 F.

4 degrees when I left the house this am on the commuter bike, I had a lot of clothes on. Record so far this year but I hope to better it by 10 degrees sometime this winter was passing cars down the canyon on the snow pack roads.

Mtn Dell has been groomed and tomorrow morning I plan to hit up the track for some skiing then maybe in the afternoon I can get in a spin on the cross bike, mid-week days off rule. 2 cross races left in the series but with the cold weather my desire to ski is out waying my desire to ride, not going to nationals only exacerbates the problem.
I am excited for winter- the snowblower, skiing the track, character building morning commutes, snowshoeing with Eva on my back, and just a change of pace.

If I was a high roller like prime rib I would be at the Jazz game, I am watching from the sofa.

when is indoran going to post?

Sunday, November 26, 2006

what do the ducks say?

The weekend has come and gone. Yesterday I felt better than expected at the cross race at wheeler farm and even felt a little zip in the legs. I had a front row seat to sly's 2 wheel drift into a tree 30 seconds into the race, good thing he had a helmet on. It was good to see euro Tyson out on the cross bike, maybe I will get some winter riding in with him in the UC. Eva loves the ducks at wheeler farm, a family friendly cross venue. In the afternoon I did a little work on the trail in back of the house, with a storm coming it will most likely be the last until spring.
I wanted to support Ali at Ludacross today but still have a sore throat and need to shake this cold as I am in for a busy week. Had a relaxing day with the family and made smores with our 12-13 year old sunday school class.
Tomorrow snow, maybe I will get some skate skiing in this week.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

steel blue stare

I would have posted on Thanksgiving but I did not know what to say. I live a dream life with a profession I love, a pseudo-profession that is my passion, a dream home in the mountains, and family and friends in abundance. Words cannot express the gratitude I have for life.

Its now Saturday morning and the sun is out. Normally I would be itching to race cross but today I am a little on the fence. I have been fighting a holiday cold, which seems like my 10th this cross season, I was in bad shape yesterday. This morning I am feeling a little better but can't decide if I want to try racing. I guess I don't have much to loose, just the race.
Don't follow me, you might get snotted!

Saturday, November 18, 2006

up to my elbows

So for the past week I have not had time to post. I have been up to my elbows in everything. Work, preparing to defend my doctoral project, teaching, family, sleep, battling USADA with my amazing attorney, and trying to find some power to salvage a poor lack luster cross season has left me with no spare time. Now I am just hanging out for an evening with Eva while Rosie is at an event, it is refreshing.

I have a ton to say but don't want to get into the details of my case just yet. I will say that life always boils down to the people, and I am surrounded by the absolute best. A huge thanks to my friends and family.

The highlight of the week might have been seeing a "Alaska" size bull moose on my way to work the other morning grazing in my neighbor's back yard. I snuck around the house and found him looking down at me about 15ft away. Huge Rack!

Yesterday after work I rode to Provo and found that it gets dark faster than I thought, or maybe I am just slower. It was nearly dark at the top of suncrest and I spent the next hour racin through the back streets of the UC hoping not to hit potholes. Today I put in a west mtn loop with the group ride.
I will either respond to this weeks training stimulus and go well for the last few cross races or I will find that I am ready for a winter break. This late in the year I don't always respond due to the months of abuse the MTB season dishes out, this year may be even worse as I have been plagued with some recent mental baggage , time will tell.
Either way, I am excited to get on the skate skis.

best of luck to those racing the big time cross this weekend!

Sunday, November 12, 2006

state champs went to bed last night

I did not think being thrown over the bars into the dirt would make me so sore, I have done it a million times before. Anyway the Utah state cross champs were yesterday and I did not have what it takes this year. The crowd was great and I bet we had nearly 200 racers.

I started pretty quick and had a small gap for the first lap, Peterzak caught me on the 2nd lap and he surprise attacked me into the headwind flat section, a great move. I dangled behind him about 15 seconds until I T-boned a lapper who crashed in front of me, I was slow getting up and rode the rest of the race with Ali-G until a quick acceleration placed me comfortably in 2nd. I was a little flat from getting over the flu and just did not have the power on the flat course, you can't win them all.

Despite being sore this am, the new snow got me out on the MTB for some trail riding before any thaughing, 3-4 inches is perfect and I rode freeze creek, killyons, mine grade, and cramers.

Eva's also has been having a tough day, I think she is getting another molar.

Thanks for all my supporters, it's always all about the people.

Friday, November 10, 2006

long live passion!

To quote Sager my "20lbs of documents arrived in a difficult to process legal language".

Now that USADA and the UCI have attempted to crush Cael and Jason's passion by strong arm legal wrangling and "dis-empowering the athlete" they can move onto another unsuspecting victim. I guess one way to fix the doping problem in cycling is to eliminate most of the field and just let the true saucers with big name lawyers race it out.

I plan to write up my story and submit it to the powers that be despite knowing it will mean nothing, I will get some ridiculous suspension for not reporting to a doping control as an alternate that I new nothing about. Being suspended from racing UCI events means nothing to me but the fact that a governing body can kill a sport by removing its participants due to shortcomings of the association scares me an should scare you.
You will get the play by play sometime in the future.

Apparently, in the world of cycling today you not only need a hematoligist/coach but a good lawyer, I have neither!

Sunday, November 05, 2006

fun farm

Pulling the plug on the Boulder trip was a wise move as I have continued to battle a GI bug. Today I thought I was getting better but then I tried to do a simple thing like eat, nope not havin it. I did drag myself to the local race at Wheeler farm and actually had a good time despite cruising around in 2nd gear. I did not plan on winning and rode around with Sager until the end when he decided to go fast, a painless way to race. I am not a fan of racing when you don't have it to give but it beat laying around in the fetal position all day. I have now started a live and active cultures regime with the hope of recolinizing my natural flora, at this rate it will be a challenge to be worth much by next weekends cross race. By the way, the wheeler Farm cross venue is good. By far the best cross course I have raced this year. We need to showcase it at a big event.

The class I teach at the PT school starts tomorrow and I forgot to send the packets to the copy center, Maybe they can be ready by Friday.
Hope everyone has a good week

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Was it the roast beef or some virus?

Don't know if it's food poisining from a lunchtime club sandwich or your garden variety stomach flu but I have been down and out in Denver. I will spare you the details but If being sick at home is bad try it pent up in the Hampton Inn. Great timing, if things don't look up I may bag the Boulder races and head home to suffer it out in my own digs. Hope for the best, I am on a roll.