Sunday, November 05, 2006

fun farm

Pulling the plug on the Boulder trip was a wise move as I have continued to battle a GI bug. Today I thought I was getting better but then I tried to do a simple thing like eat, nope not havin it. I did drag myself to the local race at Wheeler farm and actually had a good time despite cruising around in 2nd gear. I did not plan on winning and rode around with Sager until the end when he decided to go fast, a painless way to race. I am not a fan of racing when you don't have it to give but it beat laying around in the fetal position all day. I have now started a live and active cultures regime with the hope of recolinizing my natural flora, at this rate it will be a challenge to be worth much by next weekends cross race. By the way, the wheeler Farm cross venue is good. By far the best cross course I have raced this year. We need to showcase it at a big event.

The class I teach at the PT school starts tomorrow and I forgot to send the packets to the copy center, Maybe they can be ready by Friday.
Hope everyone has a good week


Blogger climber said...

You may need help, Racing even when you are sick, forgetting your responsibilities, spells one thing, addiction. It seems to run in the gene pool.

4:57 PM


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