Tuesday, April 26, 2011

8 weeks- documenting progress

So considering I only have half a face and have had to abstain from most of the outdoor recreation I enjoy the past 8 weeks have gone by fast. I am pumped about the progress I have seen with the Bell's Palsy and now have hope for a full recovery in the future. I still have trouble with my eye as I am unable to spontaneously blink but I can now close it. My smile is coming around, although when I laugh I can feel my face contorting. Energy is coming around a little and seems parralel with my facial improvement. I am still struggling with sound sleep but it is getting better. Still dealing with some swollen lymph nodes as well, so I know something is still up.

All the extra time I've had has been spent playing with the girls, giving Rosie massages, tinkering around the house, fiddling with the gripitz (hope to have production models ready by May??), working on new bikes (pics soon), and generally trying to send good vibes through my facial nerve. I have also been to acupuncture which was pretty cool and have been tinkering with my diet which is hard to do when your training and racing. Hopefuly these little tweaks will help me reach my full potential, isn't that what it's all about? It's good for me to learn to live without training, racing, and recreation. Not really fun, but good for me.

I have riden to work a couple times and did some mellow dirt riding over the weekend but am just physicaly not ready for any real training yet. I am super motivated right now but have to really be careful and reign myself in, hopefuly by mid May I can be training again. On a positive note, at least weather wise it's been a good spring to be on the sidelines.

Oh yea, I have a 2010 medium team scalpel and a 2009 52cm cannondale cross bike I need to move. Hit me up if your looking...