Saturday, July 16, 2011


On the morning of June 23rd when we entered the hospital we were ready to meet our new little Jem. We did not have a name yet but had been kicking around a few ideas. After she was wrapped in the signature new born burrito roll we went back to the 3rd floor room which had a large West facing window. It was 10:30am and sitting in the corner chair I had a never ending view of the cloudless summer sky. The depth of it's color really caught my eye and that was it we had a name. Skye Suzanne Gillespie. Skye, with an e is a Scottish spelling and goes well with the Scottish Gillespie. Suzanne is my wonderful mother-in-law and if Skye can grow up to be half as kind as Rosie's mom we will have done a good job. It also just so happens we know many other wonderful Susie's!

It's been a hectic 3 weeks and in all honesty a fairly challenging year. But our family is doing very well and we could not be happier about our new addition. With the Bells Palsy and weird health stuff going on, a new business venture, and a big change for our family I have put my return to training and bike racing on hold for a while.

There is a time for everything and my time for the bike will come again.