Wednesday, December 23, 2009

have you seen my???

So don't think that just because I have not updated this blog that I am lazy. It's actually just the opposite and I have been pouring all my mental and physical energy into growing this damn beard. Well, I guess selling a house, moving, adjusting to life at the in laws, buying a house, organizing contractors, skiing, working, and looking for all the things that I must have packed away in the POD is taking a little energy, but not much in comparison to the beard project.

Now that the beard is doing pretty good and even may need a little trimming over the upper lip, I may be able to get back to regular posting.

I am excited about our new house and hope to provide some pics and updates while we remodel. My last day at the house in emigration was a sad day as has just dumped 2 feet of snow and was a bluebird snowblower morning. I am going to miss that place but it's just a house and ultimately the move will be better for the family. Kind of wierd for a bike racer to do something so unselfish, I am proud of myself.

Sorry no pics from this mornings dawn patrol. I still need to locate my camera charger, hope it's not burried in the POD!

Wednesday, December 09, 2009


Although I have been busy with this whole house change thing, Jared and I managed to get out after the storm. It was bloody cold up above Cathrine's but good to start working the kinks out of the skinning legs. After 30+ days on snow so far this year, the samurai was smooth as glass. I have some work to do before I can cruise along at a steady fast pace. My achilles were killing me.
The turns were pretty good and if I could have felt any part of my body and it was not pitch black when we got down I would have wanted to go back up for more.

photo by The Samurai

If anyone is interested in some winter cross training, we have a crew together at my house tomorrow afternoon/evening to load a million boxes and some furniture into a POD!
Post training food and Monavie provided! Come get strong...

Saturday, December 05, 2009

that's it!

Fun cross race today to close out the season for me. Felt ok out there but just got beat at my own game. Ali was rallying the corners in the snow and ice and I was having to play catch up, to much air in the tires, rookie move. "Mellow" 2nd for me but I was able to cinch up another "mellow" series win. It was fun to set up the course even if it made for a long cold day. I liked seeing some new elements to the Fort course.

I am a little bummed to be missing the show in Bend but I have had a busy year and need a break, my heart just has not been in cross like years past although I have had as much fun as ever. To many other cool racing opportunities I guess. I really enjoyed the local series, seeing Rosie race was a highlight. Also great to see so many people catching the bug, inspiring!

Since I got back from La Ruta I have been under the gun. Between work, teaching at the U, Monavie-Cannondale stuff, selling our house, buying another house, and packing I have had to put the bike on holiday.Great timing I guess but it's tough to shut the training down before the racing.

More on the big move later, hopefully we can get it done before the skiing gets to good.

Oh yea I have a bunch of stuff for sale including a Team Scalpel. Shoot me an email if your looking: