Sunday, August 17, 2008

long live love

Got out for a real date on Friday night up to Climbum's wedding at the Wasatch Mountain Club at Brighton. Had a blast ridding the Intruder up BC with my girl on the back. Judging by EJ's skills on the dance floor he has been substituting his race time with club time, I pulled a calf muscle!

After a week of the bike I was ready for a good old fun ride on Saturday. A solid group of 4 is perfect mountain group ride dynamics. Rode up LC and watched some carnage from the TofU then continued up to Albion Basin and over Cathrine's pass. Possibly one of the best stretches of techy mountain biking in the Wasatch, top 5 trail for sure. After a refuel at the Brighton store we head up to the Crest for the classic down to Millcreek. The only time to ride this section on the weekend is late afternoon, not a soul on the trail.

Again, great company, good trail, and scenery: why I am a mountain biker!

Monday, August 11, 2008


Last week was possibly the busiest week at work I have ever experienced.

I was less than enthusiastic about the Evanston MTB race but we had made plans to go to the cabin at bear lake afterwards so I stayed the course. I was tired, but not from training so I decided to go into the race with no expectations and just ride my own steady pace, and that's just what I did. Not real fast, just steady and smooth. I ended up enjoying myself despite being tired and not feeling to hot.
That's a first, I didn't think it was possible to have fun racing without riding well.

Anyway, after a few years of winning the Icup overall I came up short of Alex to take second. With the Solitude race being moved to a later weekend I was not able to do as many races but am happy to be beat by AG as he had a great summer winning streak as was evident by his win in Evanston. Also, if you don't know or get to ride with AG he is one of the coolest cats around and I feel fortunate to call him a friend.
On a more successful note I did finally win the annual Evanston best legs contest, and it pays much better than the Icup overall!

Bear Lake was great, Rosie got in some training

Possibly the best picture of the summer!

No bike riding this week, time to get refreshed, moto to work!

Friday, August 01, 2008

oh canada pics

Busy week, just getting to look at some pictures!

Random order:

lake louise is full of toothpaste

trail from banff to canmore

canmore from the pass

heard of bighorn on the DH

canmore art

Cannondale dealer visit- Bow's Cycle

victoria glacier above louise

the venue

Sager faking it

femsupport crew

the venue

stella's 1st flight- holding on tight

between hot laps

another mud lap

moraine lake

eyeing the ski lines

big views, good company, and a little bike riding!