Friday, July 31, 2009

a big find...

I have been back riding this week and have got some good rides in on the MTB and road bike. Today I went up to PC and rode over to the Canyons to ride the new I-Cup Course. After 1 lap I was bored with all the side hill trail so went and rode mid mountain. On the way back I just kept going North past the Canyons and down into Pinebrooke, this is where things got good.

I found a new trail that splits of the perimeter that is possibly my new favorite Wasatch trail, for a while I thought I was in BC again. Tight and twisty, fun to go up or down. Very well built and not used much!
Nothing beats finding a new trail in your own backyard!

Don't know if I'll make it to the race now, I may just go back and ride that trail a few more times...

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

complete overhaul

I have always been into biomechanics, maybe that's what got me into physical therapy.

At work I look closely at the biomechanics of the diabetic foot and how musculoskeletal deformities along with peripheral neuropathy lead to non-healing foot ulcers. It can be quite a challenge to heal a planter surface ulcer while keeping someone mobile.

Over the last few weeks I have been recovering from my BC/wisdom tooth/infection debacle and am just starting to get back to riding regularly. I have used this break to overhaul my personal cycling biomechamics including bike fit and pedaling technique. Over the years I have slowly altered my mechanics in response to injury, bike changes, and compensation to the point that I was not as efficient as I could be and actually more prone to injury.

With the help of Tom at Wobblenaught I am now starting at ground zero with a position on the bike that allows me a more efficient pedal stroke and recruits more of the lower extremity musculature including the hip flexors and hamstrings and a pedaling technique that takes advantage of the better position. More muscles driving the bike = less load on any one muscle group (quads). It has been a challenge and I have never had to focus so much while riding on a flat straight road but after about 1 week of consistent riding I am starting to see the benefits. This invest now will pay huge dividends in the future.

If anyone else is interested in working with Tom for a Wobblenaught bike fit and technique evaluation he will coming to my house in the near future. We plan to do some more Dartfish video feedback and I can schedule some time for him to do some fits/consultation. They take about 2 hours each.

Shoot me an email at and I can provide you with some details.

Friday, July 17, 2009


It's Official, as of today I can run for president! Big thanks to my girls for some celebration. Eva's turning into a planner just like her mom.

With the National Championships going on this weekend in Colorado, I am a little bummed to not be with the team contesting the big show. The last couple weeks I have been laying pretty low trying to recover from my BC debacle. The mouth is now healed up and my energy is hopefully coming back. Although 2 weeks without training has left me a little low on fitness and without any time to adapt to my position changes, but I think I am ready to start riding again.

Tomorrow is the Solitude Icup race otherwise known as the Utah State championships with no credibility because they are at the same location every year and conflict with Nationals. Depending on how I feel in the morning I may jump start my training with a little racing, the uphill may pose some serious challenge but that DH is one of the best we race on locally.

Friday, July 10, 2009

#32 just won't go away

Been busy being a dad since I have been home, nice to be back to my girls! My constitutional energy has been low all week and my body is still dealing with this crazy tooth garbage. Last year after BC it took a full week before I felt ok, this year it will take longer as I am still fighting this tooth thing and not able to recover, also had to dig into my reserves just to function during the race.

Was at the dentist again on Wed and looks like a little piece of bone seems to be punching through my gum which is causing the continued infection and pain. I am back on antibiotics and hopefully it will smooth over without having to have an incision, grinding, and stitches. Crazy that a tooth can cause so much havoc!

Also good to be back at work. Bike racing is a fairly selfish endevour and it feels good to be in the trenches treating patients. Also puts my little bum tooth in persepective when I am working with someone who has not walked in months due to a non-healing ulceration on an amputated limb.

So my bike racing will be put on hold for a bit while I get healthy. Looking forward to building up to some later season events, maybe Leadville, a stage race in Peru, Point to Point in September, Pisgah in October, will see...

Did you check out the video we made in BC?

Friday, July 03, 2009

day 6

Well I made it through day 6. Not that fast but I trudged along at one speed. Body still aches but I slept better last night. I have had to swollow some pride and ride pretty slow out there, I guess it builds character.
Talked with Eva on the phone this morning about started crying. I miss my girls, 2 weeks is along time and I am soft.
Happy 4th of July tomorrow, I will be ripping some knar trail in Whistler. Day 7 can't wait!

Thursday, July 02, 2009

more BC

Having a tough go. Extracted wisdom tooth seems to be rearing up again. A couple nights with a fever. Yesterday was possibly the hardest day I have ever had on a bike, 4 hrs of agony. Every pedal stroke hurt, soft pedaling hurt, it took everything just to finish.

Today I sent Alex up with the leaders so he could get a workout why I drug along to the finish. I am going to finish but it won't be pretty. Singletrack today has to be some of the best in the world.