Monday, August 31, 2009

post peru

So I am home with the flu so I have time to update.

While we were in Peru our little girls got a violent 24-hour stomach flu, and then everyone that was helping to care for them while we were out of town got the bug, we felt terrible but could do nothing from the Southern Hemisphere. When Rosie and I got home we figured everyone was recovered and we would be in the clear. Not so, Rosie was down Friday night and Saturday and I enjoyed my turn Sunday night into Today. How do those little bugs live so long. Anyway, I guess it's only fitting we sampled some of the torture of our dear family and friends. It was rough, thanks. Hopefully I can pull it together for the PCPP.

Peru was worth it, and you ought to think about going next year...

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Hawaii pics

Got the kids to bed and now I am alone while Rosie is at a high school reunion thing. I should post some Hawaii pics in random order without captions.

This afternoon I hit up the Crest from BC and out Pinebrooke. Did not see another rider the entire time, 1st time ever. Best dirt of the year with some snow on Scotts bypass, high peaks are covered!

Tuesday, August 04, 2009


I have been racing bikes from March to December for many years, and although I love it I have wanted to scale back a bit and not feel like I have to race every weekend. Ultimately this will be better for the family and the form. So I took the opportunity after BC to get healthy again and then not race. I am feeling good now and have 2 solid weeks of training in. I wanted to race the final I-cup but decided to withstand the temptation and try to break myself for good.

I had a great weekend of training and then spent some time with the kids at the pool, kind of nice not to drag the family to a race for an all day deal. In the coming years I hope to do less racing overall but more quality events that I can prepare for. This will be more flexible for the family life and ultimately better racing.

August is going to busy as we are heading to Hawaii this afternoon and then Peru at the end of the month for some stage racing. Also hope to put together a good PCPP race in early September.

Going to ride some volcanoes!