Thursday, March 10, 2011

Gripitz- refining

Here's a new pre-production wing design I am playing with.

After additional self arrest testing and feedback from Brian, who is an experienced mountain traveler. I have moved to a little smaller wing design. I think this is a better compromise between enough wing to bite into hard snow and so much wing that the forces rip the pole out of your hands. This is still quite rough and classic garage work. The CNC machine should really clean this up.

It also provides a nice little finger notch that was inspired by various ice tools and gives a much better grip for dry tooling. I have a large rock wall on my home that is great bouldering practice and I have no problem making all the moves with 2 inspector gadget Gripitz hands.

The wing also fits nicely in your palm now if skining with hands on the top of poles like I know some people like to do. Less material equals less weight is only a bonus. Don't worry about my finger that bandaide is doing a good job at holding it together...


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