Saturday, January 15, 2011

memorial couloir #5

Headed out for a mellow solo walk and of course ended up doing something fun. A quality adventure for only being out for couple hours including drive time.

Memorials had not been touched. Warm and wet below about 7500', nice consolidated powder in the upper 1500'.

Black and White from Wasatch Tours.

Classic double fall line. First turn is steep with the bottom falling out while the next is mellow in the gut. Over and over and over!

Crows feet in the distance.

There's my car, and my house.

Exit was classic North Fork with just enough snow to get you in trouble. Survival skiing at it's best.

A little more recon for a link up...


Anonymous Ron said...

Curious about your approach, do you cross the stream or go left into Neff's? Boot up Number 1 or Number 5? thx

4:56 PM

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