Monday, April 28, 2008

boat race weekend

So Eva and I are getting over the plague but my energy levels are still kind of low so I decided to sit this weekend out from any racing or serious riding in hopes of a more solid recovery.

Years ago I learned from Greg Lemond (in his Mountain biking days) a little technique for recovering from illness or a bought of over training while attempting to maintain some fitness. He prescribed riding 2x/day for no more than 30 minutes each time at a self selected pace with random efforts thrown in for fun. If you are not tolerating 2x/day than go back to 1 30 min ride for a couple days. No more than 3 days of riding without a complete rest day and no more than 30 min on the bike at one time. This is not far from my normal training routine just without the longer weekend rides.

By no means are you going to come into great form using this method but you can recover while maintaining some psychological health, keeping the metabolism up, and maintaining some muscle memory. I have used it before and will see how it works out this time around. My 30 min rides over the weekend felt pretty good but afterwards I felt a little drained. Today is my complete day off. I guess the test will be a long XC like 5 mile pass!

Eva and I decided to take advantage of the spring run off and built some boots to float in Freeze Creek.

She can play at the stream for hours, trust me!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

antibody down

I was wrong

now fever, malaise, no sleep and more sores

must be a little different strain, HFMD may be the death of me

hope to be back at it someday!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

coxsackie A16 revisited

So I had a scare last night!

A little over a year ago Eva and I came down with hand foot and mouth disease caused by the coxsackie virus. It was the worst physical illness I have ever experienced and nearly killed me. Our neighbors little boy came down with it shortly after Eva had been playing with him a few days ago but I was not that worried as it is much like chicken pox and you usually only get it once. Anyway, Yesterday Eva came down with a fever and last night started to develop some small sores on her mouth and hands, great here we go again I thought. We had a tough night and she was up every 2 hours. Sometime during the middle of the night I noticed I had developed some small sores on my tongue and lips, nothing like last time but I was petrified of what was to come. We made it through the night and out of nowhere my sores were nearly gone, I did not feel perfect but was feeling much better than I anticipated. Eva was also doing much better and was nearly back to her normal chipper self, although she still had some soreson her hands and mouth.
The only thing I can figure is it took a little time for our antibodies from before to mobilize and fight off the virus, so we had a few symptoms but the virus was never able to establish itself. I could be wrong but that sounds as good as anything. The body is amazing! The real cool part is we don't have to worry that much about Stella coming down with it because Rosie did not get it the first time because she likely already has the antibodies and the baby pretty much has the same immune system as mon at this point, not mention the additional shot she gets every few hours through breast milk, fascinating!

So after playing with Eva at the park all morning I decided to try my original planed ride up BC canyon with Jared. I could tell my energy was a little off and after putting in a good effort up storm mountain I was not up for pushing all the way to the top so I cruised up to Mill D and then flipped around to head home why Jared punished the mountain all the way up.

Hopefully a good night sleep will help me get back on track, thank goodness for antibiodies.

Oh Yea, I have a 2007 Medium Team Scalpel in great shape if any one is looking for a ripping fast bike.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

the skinny

The Chola race was a pretty good time despite riding slow and feeling crumby. The first few rides on a new bike are always a problem for me and I have had a hard time dialing in my position, good thing I carry an allen wrench when I race. The more travel a bike has the harder it is because the angles change with weight shifts associated with grade changes, maybe I am just to picky. I used Brads CarboRocket for the first real test and was pleased, a full write and test after I get a few more trials. I had big plans for that race to kick start my training after a couple weeks of rest but things have got complicated, let me explain....

I got home Saturday night and Rosie decide to get a little exercise in by busting out 50 squats. During the night contractions woke her up so in the morning we did a vigorous walk in the hills and when we got back her water broke, I did not believe her at first as she was still a week early but she convinced me to drive her to the hospital after speaking with her doc on the phone.

After we got checked in at the hospital and grandma picked up Eva things were moving pretty slow, Rosie was hooked to the IV's and watching a movie and I was twittling my thumbs so Rosie suggested I go rip shoreline on the MTB while we wait, figuring I could be back to the hospital rather quick if need be. I was tired from the race but couldn't pass up some dirt and actually started to get the new scalpel dialed in. I know all the ladies are thinking "what a jackass" to be out riding while his wife is in labor but this was all her idea and calculated move, she knows me well and is absolute jem!

I got back and things were still creeping along until finally the baby could not tolerate the contractions and another C-section was needed. I won't give you the gory details but I quit enjoyed relaying the play by play over the surgical drape to Rosie, and once again witnessing the miracle of birth has no comparison.

So now we are home and everyone is doing well. Baby Stella is a princess and Eva is having a great time being big sister and designated mommy helper. On the biking front I have not had a chance to do much this week but maybe that is good as I am starting to feel more myself. This evening I rode around the neighboorhood and ran into the samuari and eric in the canyon and escorted them to little mountain. They turned the screws on me at the switchback and I did not respond but kept a steady pace to the top without going to hard, at least I was on my MTB when I got droped by the roadies. Tomorrow maybe I will get in a little longer ride in and plan for a good one on Saturday, anyone not racing this weekend want to shred some trail with me?

Bummed to miss sea otter as the team is having a big bash but I got some good stuff going on here at home! Maybe Sage will keep his winning streak alive.


Monday, April 14, 2008

a good night

7 lbs
19 inches

now for a name?

Thursday, April 10, 2008

cold north wind

So I picked the perfect 2 weeks for limited bike riding as it has snowed nearly everyday. In fact every morning this week the driveway has been covered in snow.

Today was the first ride in 2 weeks over 30 minutes and I commuted the scalpel down to Sandy after work to ride with Micheal, I felt slow! Might be a tough weekend at the chola but it will be warm and a good way to break in the new bike and start training again.

Monday, April 07, 2008

rest day

I am not very good at just hanging out but the rest is good for me.

After a good day of physical therapy at the VA I had tons of time on my hands. I cleared the snow off the driveway, straightened up the shop, hung some window treatments in the nursery, did a pregnant photo shoot, boxed up some ebay sales, tinkered with the scalpel, and played with a princess. I really wanted to ski up the new snow behind the house but the voice of reason (rosie) kept me off the hill. I am even watching some tv which is funny because about 3 months ago I wall mounted a flat screen and hooked up surround sound but have not really watched it other than a few movies and cross videos. I must say it's pretty sweet laying horizontal on the mega sofa. The sad thing is I started watching the Kansas/Memphis basketball game but got bored and ended up watching The Hills, pathetic.

Tomorrow I am going to start riding again, maybe a nice commute to work and hopefully no more The Hills. If the snow keeps coming I am going to be forced to ski.

Sunday, April 06, 2008


Rosie keeps telling me her belly weighs more than my new scalpel!

It looks fast! Those are the new Reynolds carbon wheels which are 200 grams lighter than last years at 1340 grams, weighed them myself. Can't wait to get some real time on it.

The past week I have been laying pretty low as I decided to step back and give myself some real rest. It was good timing as Rosie is about to burst and chasing Eva around can be taxing. I don't have any objectives until later in the year after the new baby comes and we get settled in so I figured I would get refreshed and start over on the bike. I had a good winter of aerobic training but after my hut trip in ID I did not get enough rest before a couple days of intensity and lost the snap, so rather than flounder on in mediocrity I am starting over. I will likely start getting some rides in later this week and even plan to race the chola, although I may not be on my game, or maybe I will you never know what a little extra rest will do and a new bike! I also am getting back to the basics of more healthy eating in order to lose a few pounds and get back to racing weight, I got sloppy this winter and enjoyed the sugar.

The Monavie crew rode well in AZ and I was bummed to not be racing check out for details. Also would have loved to ride the white rim with Jared et. al but staying home and resting with the family was the right move.