Thursday, September 25, 2008


Missed Crossvegas because I'm a weekend warrior, it looked like a good time. Would like to hit Ogdencross but will see how the leg's doing.

You know whats worse than stitching up your leg in a bathroom?

Unstitching it in your kitchen 5 days later to let out the infection.... It's open and draining and I am on keflex now.

Just the nature of medical practice I guess.

Monday, September 22, 2008

rad racing GP

Seth did a fine job stitching me back together in the bathroom after star crossed and it even seemed to help my legs come around a little better for the next day.
I had a pretty good race but just could not quite make the front group in the first lap. We settled in to a good 7th through 11th group and I was comfortable with the pace but it was fast and no one could get away. At the finish Russell opened up a little gap for 7th when TW bobbled a turn on his white diamond tires. I jumped Todd out of the last corner and thought I had it but they gave it to him, maybe they felt bad he was under the weather or maybe the Olympian got me.
I was happy to pull myself together after a disappointing night at star crossed, my leg didn't bother me during the race even on the 80 meter run up but as soon as I stopped it was killing me.
My lower leg blew up like a balloon today at work despite wearing size I 20-30mmhg compression stockings. Also got my other bike finished today, it's rolling light with the tubies.

Sunday, September 21, 2008


Tough night at star crossed, I got waxed.

Legs bad from the start and then I got tangled in a crash putting a gash in my leg that would later require about 12 stitches. Not much effort after that. Fortunately I am staying with a ENT surgeon in Seattle so I did not have to do the stitching by myself.

Hopefully I can get the legs going today but I am pretty banged up and still fighting some fatigue from the Monavie convention.

More rain today I am sure!

Tuesday, September 09, 2008


Are you signed up for Ali's cross clinic this Saturday?

I know what your thinking... I am already skilled, my technique is dialed, I know the drill and don't need no stinkin clinic, I just want to race! Or... I'm not good enough, I will slow everyone down, I just race for fun anyway. Or... All I have is a mountain bike, I might not even race, or $50 would buy some cool new baseball cards.

Excuses don't cut it here: I have been racing cross a long time and last years clinic helped me polish up my technique. I meet a ton of cool new racers all of who ended up having stellar cross seasons. Everyone from Sven to Fred benefits from practice and constructive feedback. For the rookie this is the least intimidating place to learn a new skill.

If you would like to do the clinic but the 50 clams is the sticky point let me know and I will sponsor you. If time is an issue than just do one of the half day options. If you don't have a cross bike then let me know and I will try to track down a loaner, or bring your MTB. If your hungry, lunch is provided. If your thirsty, enjoy the MonaVie.
If you just can't make it this Saturday then sign up for the docs Thursday clinics at Sugerhouse Park.

If your a junior rider and want to go, for sure let me know!

Hope to see you Saturday!

Sunday, September 07, 2008

cyclocross with motors

Rog and I went out to the National Supermoto race this weekend at Miller Sports Park and watched our friend, Team Honda's Cassidy Anderson blitz his home track for a solid 2nd. He led 9 of 12 laps but got tag teamed by 2 KTM guys before working back into 2nd. It reminds me of cyclocross where the road guys and dirt guys come together and battle it out on mixed terrain.

I was thinking a bike race on the supermoto course would be crazy fun, I would use my road bike with 25's at about 80psi.

Cassidy took up mtn bike racing the summer and progressed quickly moving into the expert class. He reports the improved fitness from bike racing has helped him relax while 2 wheel drifting from pavement to dirt at 100mph!


Good thing it's dark and cold right now because I feel like ripping the KTM through the hood.

Monday, September 01, 2008

bullet points

All the things I wanted to blog but didn't find the time:

-Rosie and the neighborhood girls rippin the Jordanelle Tri
-Life altering bonk on the road bike riding over guardsman pass after forgetting to eat lunch
-Brian Head film shoot for Monavie
-Building new cross bikes, these deserve pics
-First DMV crit of the year
-Eva's 3rd princess and knights birthday party
-Rosie backing over our double jogging stroller after getting out to move it out of the way
-Me up to my eyeballs!