Saturday, November 17, 2007


So to salvage my costa rica trip I packed up and took a 3 hr cab ride north to lake Arenal. This place is windsurfing meca with gale force winds around the clock, I was happy not to have a bike with me. Dustin rips on the wind surfer. My knee is healing well and has improved significantly since the hematoma on my thigh has come down. We have been having a great time but in the back of my mind I continue to have some sadness,I came here to race and have good form yet am left without an outlet. I have been getting updates from the race and as bad as it sounds I would rather be sufering on the bike than just hanging out. This experience will surely strengthen my resolve on the bike and makes me better appreciate the cycling lifestyle.

After heading North we drove down to limon to pick up the crew after the finish. Everyone on the team rode and amazing race and was now ready for some vacation. We landed in a cool little beach town and hung out for a few days. The highlight might have been Dusty and I riding 100k to Panama and crossing the border for lunch, we made it out alive.
More later with some pics


Blogger MtbAllDay said...

"I would rather be sufering on the bike than just hanging out"

Bike racers are a strange bunch...

11:52 PM

Blogger drrna said...

I would rather be suffering on a bike than doing just about anything. Endorphins are more effective than Prosac, and more socially acceptable than heroin.

We're all just sad that we didn't get to see you rip it. I know its tough for you, being the man, but someone has to do it.

11:27 AM


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