Sunday, November 25, 2007

a good race

This evening after helping Eva change into her pj's, brush her teeth, and enjoy a bed time story I enjoyed a gigantic heart swelling hug and kiss from my little princess. Of all the cool trails I have ripped or races I have won none have been as fulfilling as these simple moments at home.

As you may have heard Mike Janelle passed away in his sleep on Thursday and left behind a wife who is 6 months pregnant with their 1st child. I am deeply saddened by the loss of Mike but even more so by the loss to his wife and child. I have known Mike for years and enjoyed his competitive and friendly spirit. Last month at 24 hours of moab we enjoyed the 2nd half of the 1st lap together and although we were competitors we enjoyed oneanother's company chatting about the past years activities, the race, and even our families. Coming into the finish we drag raced all the way down the last straight to be the 1st one in with Mike taking the advantage until he overshot the last corner and I slipped by to win the 1st lap, we chuckled about our duel later. I pray that his family and loved ones will be comforted, life is not fair but that's what makes it wonderful.

Upon our return from Costa Rica I continued to be disappointed about my la ruta experience until Rosie put me in my place saying "bike racing is a hard sport, you have been doing it long enough to know how to deal with disappointment, that's what makes racers special, they can deal with anything" Mike was a true racer and would only want us to "deal" with the disappointment of his passing by going for another ride, getting back out there for another event, or sharing our enthusiasm and passion.

thanks Mike for the good race

good night


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great post Bart. It's hard to believe that I was on the podium shaking Mike's hand a month ago and now he's gone.

It kind of puts everything in perspective. Makes not finishing La Ruta not seem like that big of a deal. Stupid race anyway.....

Jake Pantone

6:46 PM


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