Monday, October 05, 2009

finally some racing and skiing

My posts have been spotty at best lately and I don't know why. I enjoy posting as it helps clarify my thoughts and ideas and it really does not take that much time. I think I might start posting a little more regular.

Utah Cyclocross is finally underway and if you did not make it, for whatever reason you missed out big! Rosie knocked out her first cross race ever and had a great time. The girls loved cheering for mom!

Sam did another great job with the video!

Every Category was bigger and faster than last year and looks like we will see alot of tight racing this year. The A race had a solid field and with a fast flat course the racing mostly stayed together in groups. I was happy with how I felt during the race but when I gassed it around 30 minutes in I was limited by muscular strength to push the big gear and snap out of the corners, a few more races and time on the cross bike should help that.

The Cross Clinic was postponed until Oct. 11th so you can still sign up and refine your technique, bike fit, training, and overall race readiness. I know everyone thinks they have it all dialed but cross is skill intensive like nordic skiing or swimming and you can always learn more and refine. $50 is a bargin for 1 on 1 feedback, instruction, and forced practice plus you get lunch. That's less than we can spend on one tire. Ask anyone that has done it in the past, well worth it. And don't worry, no one is making any money I only pump it because you will improve and the more people that come the better race simulations we can have.

Anyway, the new bike ripped and after the race I made a few small position adjustments that should refine my balance and power on the bike.

So today I was treated to some rest day ski touring, yup first turns of the year for me. Jared and I burned up to Alta about after work this afternoon and got in an hour and half. Nothing crazy just good to be out hiking and making turns. Plenty of rocks to dodge but surprisingly fun. This weeks warm up should put and end to skiing and with the Brazil trip planned for next week (assuming we get our visas) I likely won't be skiing again for a while.
Check the damage? Rock skis...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You racing the Iron Biker? I did that race in 1998, it was pretty sweet. Rode for a mile up a river that was 4 inches deep in one of the stages. The bike didn't like it too much though.


7:42 AM

Blogger Bart G said...

Eric- Yea I knew you went down there around this time of year and figured it was the iron biker. I remember you going just right after 24 hrs of Moab once of the years we crushed it. We are scheduled to go race it but as of right now don't have Visa's except for Tinker who has one from last year. He may be going by himself and Alex and I will go to Pisgah in NC.

We need to get together, how is your little guy?

8:54 AM

Blogger Jared said...

16 degrees at Alta this morning. Conditions were powder, rock, and moguls. Got lured into a chute that looked pretty on the outside, but was evil on the inside. Sidestepped out. Super G turns on the Ball Room Edge.

10:04 AM

Blogger Bart G said...

I new you would go out again this morning. My ride to work was a chilly 25F so I figured you would have winter like temps. It's easy to suckered by the white icing!

10:09 PM


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