Friday, September 18, 2009

lunch date

My wife meets her girlfriends for lunch or dinner on a weekly basis. I on the other hand never go out to lunch, I pack the same thing everyday, and seldom go out to dinner unless I am on the road or going out with Rosie.

So today I go to lunch with my boyfriends and I get heckled? What's the deal, I meet up with JI, AG, and EJ for some sushi and it's a laughing matter.

Then I come back to work after enjoying a nice meal with friends wearing a new bracelet and people notice. It's a cool bracelet. I explain that one of my boyfriend's (AG), who I just met for lunch made it for me. Things start to get weird. People get uncomfortable. I don't understand?

Anyway, on to the improtant stuff. Tomorrow's ride should be a good one and has multiple drop in and drop out points along the way for those with other commitments. I had no takers on my last post for riding partners so this time I am puting out more info so people won't be so "scared" and can join in the fun where and when they like.

Here is the general plan:

My house at 8:30. A few of us will be riding up EC at 8:45-then to- killyons-BM-OMT-EC dirt road-meeting a 2nd group including JI and BF at Gargoza park around 11am. Pinecrest-MM-PL-Crest-with multiple options out including MD, Lambs, back to Gorgoza. Tons of fun singletrack. The pace will be steady, if someone wants to go fast cool, if someone wants to go slow cool. If you want a smaller loop meet at Gorgoza, if you want an out and back Gorgoza is an awsome spot. The whole ride will be pretty big but the weather and dirt will be good and we are going to hit a couple new sections of trail.

good weather, good dirt, good friends



Blogger Ski Bike Junkie said...

This post is useless without pics. Let's see the bracelet.

3:57 PM

Blogger ROSIE said...

That's special! I am glad you are getting out with your boyfriends! BFF for life :)

9:32 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's called a BROMANCE. Admit you had one. There's nothing wrong with it.

9:26 PM


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