Thursday, December 06, 2007

my softer side

The coolest thing ever is listening to a 2 year old sing Christmas songs, I don't know where she gets it but Eva sings non stop. We did the ultrasound thing last week and found out we are having another girl, no surprise here. I guess my male swimmers just can't hack all the mid- summer saddle time. Eva and I are super excited and can't wait to have someone else to race. I was just commenting today how I can't wait for the Christmas that we get to pick out bikes for under the tree, it might be a while before I get to pick out something other than pink.

Sorry no good bike chat today, the season is winding down and skiing is on the mind. I just about ditched Kansas nationals for a ski trip to Sun Valley but the nordic tracks are not open yet and the mountain has little snow. I hope to have a good race or two in me. I have continued to commute to work so hopefully my fitness is hanging around, at least for a flat cross race or 2. Every year by the end of cross season I have put on a few pounds and this year is no exception, with the decreased daylight I just don't get enough activity to stay at fighting weight. That will give me some added motivation to get off our new sofa/flat screen combo.

Anyway, hope we get lots of snow for Saturday and it stays cold enough to pack.

I wish little dell would freeze over good and we could start an ice racing series this winter.

Just got a text from Fox about Ohran having dibs on climbum Jones' nickname while he is in temporary retirement. "Climbum Ohran" just doesn't fit!


Blogger Team Rico said...

I feel ya Bart. Its the cyclist curse or blessing depending on how you look at it. I wouldnt trade my 3 girls for anything. I could do without th epink palace my world has become. Cya Saturday

1:26 PM


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