Friday, November 09, 2007


Rosie and Eva have been fighting a head cold all weak and now despite my regular Mona Vie regimen I have succumb to the virus. Perfect timing as the next week will likely be the most physically demanding week of the year with the state cyclocross championship tomorrow followed by travel to Costa Rica and then retracing the steps of the conquistadors via bike minus the pillaging. On top of that the 08 scalpel I am supposed to ride has not arrived yet, hopefully today. Anyway, that's how the cookie crumbles. On the bright side, I was worried the thick mud and endless climbs of La Ruta would not be challenging enough, I should get my coins worth now.


Blogger Unknown said...

Just thinking about you kicking it at home while I do your work here at the VA. Or, we must be doing OK if I have time to check your blog. --Tom

11:35 AM

Blogger MtbAllDay said...

Good luck at LaRuta. Should be awesome. Keep an eye on your bike :)

7:08 AM


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