Sunday, October 22, 2006

RMR in October

Updates have been sparse this week as I have had little to write about, I guess I did ride home from work in a snow storm but soon that will happen weekly.

Yesterday was the the 3rd Ut cyclocross race but it seemed like the first to me after missing the Ogden race and choking at the 20 min opener. I finally got my bike together the night before and was hoping to have it mostly dialed in by race time. I rode out to the RMR just like a Tuesday night but I was alone. I arrived all warmed up but I was still not completely comfortable with my position. The course was good with one technical steep off camber hill, a ton of fast pavement, and a stair run. Dr x cross did a good job with the small venue.

We had a solid field lined up and with all the fast pavement I was hoping to work into a rhythm but the first time across the muddy off camber peter-zak went down and out of no where I had a small gap so I just keep riding and tried to measure my effort over the whole hour. The gap went up to about 35 seconds before peter-zak clawed it back to about 15 seconds, I was really impressed by his power on the flat sections and realized a year of pure MTB racing has left me a little shy on speed/power. In the end I metered my effort pretty well and was able to pull away again before the finish. The Reynolds wheels and cool carbon bar are solid and I appreciate the support of this local company on the cutting edge of cycling technology. The bike rode well but after the race I made a few position adjustments that should help. Eva loved running around the grandstand and the venue has impressive spectating.

Linde and I rode back to my house after the race which ended up being more than a warm down. After dinner with the smith family at Sun and Moon Cafe I was feeling much better. I was very happy to finally get a win and found they will not come so easy this year, the Utah cross game is better than ever.

pictures of the new bike to come


Blogger Allen Forbis said...

What size frame did you end up with? At 6 feet I ordered a 57cm so I hope it will fit me. The geometry seemed right. I have a 57cm rush hour and it is a tad small so I figured a 57 cross bike would be perfect.

6:06 PM

Blogger Bart G said...

According to the geomotry spec sheet it is a 55cm but the seat tube measures 53 cm. I have another 55cm coming so we will see what shows up. The bike rips!

8:40 PM


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