Saturday, September 30, 2006

Sometimes you just suck

The first Utah cross race was last night and I put together a pathetic performance. I new I would struggle with a Friday night race as the fatigue of the work has but to a peak but I had no idea I would feel like that. I just could not get me legs going, up the hill I was turning squares, on the soggy flats I had to stand up, and I felt like I was riding someone else's bike. I started fast as usual but did not have the legs to keep going, who fades in a 20 min race (shortened for daylight)? Last night I hardly slept and at around midnight I was in full on cold sweats with a fever, I guess the swollen nodes where for real. Feeling a little better this am, or maybe it was just seeing Eva's smile. Hopefully with some rest I can whip this and be back to myself, maybe I can even be ready for a trip to glouscter.
Anyway, today is Rosies birthday so we have celebrating to do. Eva and are putting together a breakfast in bed. I will try not to dwell on being crushed last night.
enjoy your weekend


Blogger jsager said...

oh the krushing has only just begun.

5:16 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

happy birthday, rose! see you in a couple of days. -Ella and b

8:27 PM


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