Sunday, September 03, 2006

back on the bike

Friday I took Eva out for a ride in the trailer for a break in on the bike. She needed a nap but it took her an hour to fall asleep, thus extending my ride time. I put in some good climbs dragging that trailer.

Saturday I hooked up with Sager for some backcountry riding, could not have asked for a nicer day. We did the Jeremy-Kimball-Crest-Millcreek-Elbow Fork-Lambs-JS back to Jeremy, BG back Emigration loop. If you have not done the lambs DH your missing out, its a brake burner and well worth the granny climb up Elbow. I am not quit recovered from soding but it was good to be back on the wheels. Sager came face to face with Bull Moose and then coming back to EC I ran into a cow and baby. They must no summer is winding down.

You should see me new cross wheels.


Blogger K Day said...

good to hear your back. I'm anticipating some big results from you this cross season.

2:33 PM


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