Wednesday, November 04, 2009

round and round

After a few weeks of cross racing it felt good to get out on the MTB today. Alex and I rode up Parley's this afternoon and hooked up with Ohran to burn around Round Valley. The dirt was great but the afternoon sun was low in the sky and killing our visibility, tough to stay on the trails at times.

All the explosive sprinting over the weekend has left the legs a little sore, taxing different systems is what cross racing is all about. Its good to see the Utah Cross scene getting so competitive. It used to be that I would ride off the front on the first lap and just ride around by myself. Those days are gone and now you have to be riding well to make the front group and then be willing to take chances if you want to win, at least at wheeler and the other flat and less selective courses. Maybe I'm just getting slower but I don't think so, everyone else is pretty focused and raising the overall level.

Leaving for La Ruta on Sunday, the last adventure of the year. Not sure if I am ready but I am not sure you can ever be ready. I guess if over the last few weeks I had been riding 30% grades for hours on end in the heat I would be a little more confident. Will see what happens...