Wednesday, July 02, 2008


I am now sitting in a laundry in squamish, BC following stage 5. Sorry for the lack of updates but I have been busy. This race has been full of ups and downs which I can't even describe so I won't even try right now. I have been getting so good photos but no camera with me right now.

Anyway after our stage win on day 1 I came down with a cold (from Ohran) and some grumpy legs. We had some poor luck with a flat at the absolute worst time but were lucky to hold on to the jersey through day 2. Day 3 and 4 are a blur of suffering for me as I have been struggling with limited energy and sore legs. Today was by far the best course with nearly 4 hours of the best trail I have ridden in my life anywhere in the world. The last 30 min DH dropped close to 3000 ft on loamy goodness and I would bet the course crossed a couple hundred wood bridges and stunts.
The legs are still barking but I was able to pull it together a little better for 2nd on the stage behind the Kona boys. Sager tried to move a tree with his shoulder on the DH but as strong as he is riding a little handicap may actually help us.

2 more days of crazy vertical and trail then back to the girls, can't wait.


Blogger chris and hollie mcgovern said...

keep up the fight. you guys killing it. So stoked for you guys

10:14 PM


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