Monday, June 09, 2008

mueller grueller

4ish hrs of perfect dirt with Ohran and T-bird polished off the weekend. With a stiff headwind riding down emigration I had a hard time getting the legs going after the beating in the ice bath at Deer Valley. But once we hit the dirt things got better. From the Zoo we rode shoreline- millcreek-radio towers-up Mueller-down north canyon- and back to the zoo. Lots of good wild flowers although Burke reports they were better last week. DH down North Canyon was as good as I have seen and with no traffic, don't go down Mueller on a weekend.

Saturday at Deer Valley was nothing to brag about and I am embarrassed to say I took a mid race siesta. Even after all that rain and snow we can't get any real mud that makes things slick and technical. The DV race is not my favorite due to a DH dominated by boring switch backs and little technical challenge. I find my mind wandering on the DH between switchbacks.

Despite little technical challenge, I fell over at the end of the first lap and bent my rear shifter around requiring my allen keys to make it functional again. Mitch got away from me here and my frozen legs did not have what it takes to bring him back so I sat up and rode with young Robbie for a most of the next lap. I put in a little spurt on the last lap so I could make a little diaper money and not have to sprint on the pavement but don't know if I really deserved it. I guess sometimes you have to pick your battles.

Side note: Robbie Squire from Sandy is a huge talent and at only 18 has huge potential. 1st year racing Junior on the national level and he is going to worlds next week. Him and Mitch both have more raw talent than I ever thought of having. Fun to watch those 2 improve!

Feeling better all the time and only one more day of antibiotics, looking good for some longer summer rides.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are right about Robbie Squire. Robbie finished 23rd in the Worlds he started 71st and passed 48 riders. USA had 4 starting positions,16,49,71,& 86. Too bad Robbie didn't qualify for the 16th or 49th seed he might have been in the top ten. BTW the other three Americans DNF'ed.

I'm sure Mitchell Peterson will also do the USA proud.

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