Sunday, December 16, 2007

KCCX quickie!

07 cross nats in the books. Utah showed well with Lew Rollins bringing home a national championship today.

The racing was fun and I rode well for 7th elite with Ali mastering the the tripod power slide for 12th or 13th. Full report and update with pics when I get home.


Blogger Doovie said...

Congrats on the strong finish Bart. We've all been following the races closely from Salt Lake.

12:24 AM

Blogger Jeanie said...

Great job on your Nat's finish. Very impressive!

10:20 AM

Blogger MK said...

Inspiring ride Bart! It was incredible seeing you make your way through the pack. Must have been the wheels...

4:14 PM

Blogger Eat Sleep MTB said...

Unreal finish, I hope you get better call-ups now that they know.

1:37 PM


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