Monday, October 29, 2007


Kids racing at Crosstoberfest was some of the best I have seen!

what, climbing in a cross race?

ohran demonstrating how not to negotiate a run up, although I think his form is ready for La Ruta, look at those calves.

Ketchum has a cool vibe. Cross racing in a small town is rad. Race results are discussed among locals at the grocery checkout, kids racing with call ups, and cow bells that have seen use on a cow.

Race #1 had all the cash money (which was put up by wobblenaught) and I botched it. After building a solid lead I found I had a softening front tire, after a couple laps of nursing it I was able to switch bikes to my newly built c-dale. After 2 laps on that bike I tore the front tire off the rim on a hot downhill left hander and ground myself into the dirt. I then rode about a lap on the front rim and was passed by CPR. Long story short I changed back to my bike with the slow leak and nursed it to the finish for 2nd, still some coin but not the cash cow.

Race #2 was was nearly on the same course but rather than a large mud hole and run down it included a ski run-run up and high speed gravel descent. I rode steady building a lead throughout to take the Idaho State Championships but because I am not from the ID no medal for me, Cody represented well to take the big spud.

A big thanks to Adrian from Scott for a place to crash, I made a cool bed out of a massage table. Scott Montgomery (off Cannondale and now Scott fame) and his family for a great evening and dinner. B firth for a ride up and showing me some fun trails in Adam's gulch. Ohran for making my running skills look good and a bite of his $13 pancakes. The cyclists and fans in ID for some great racing.

The only bad thing is I missed my family


Blogger primetime formerly known as slyfox said...

rosie told me you need to step it up on the home front or shes kicking you down to the basement.

when i asked eva today wheres bart she said "whos that"

9:31 PM

Blogger Doovie said...

I'll get you those photos soon. I wouldn't want the Sage to come looking for you.

10:07 PM

Blogger Jennie said...

Although painful at times it was a great race!

8:07 AM

Blogger Doovie said...

i put some photos up here: come by the shop thursday or friday morning and i'll have the rest on a cd for you. Or I can just take it to the Heber race.

9:05 AM

Blogger rich said...

2 flats in 1 race. I also noticed you had one at the wheeler race. So what are your thoughts on thie tubless thing? I've seen more than a few people haveing thrubles with it this year at the cross races.


5:03 PM


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