Sunday, April 15, 2007

you ever been hit in the neck by an egg?

So today I woke up with sore right shoulder from hurling eggs in the annual Gillespie farm weenie roast/candy hunt/egg fight. The arm is sore but that is nothing compared to the blow I took to the jugular from an egg blasted straight out of Bryan's cannon of an arm, I had big welt and chalky yolk in my scruff the rest of the night. Good thing Sager brought his pup Zona, she was able to lick the albumin out of my shirt. I got to say it's a good thing Sager's a good bike racer because he will never make in the ball sports, "throws like a girl".

Lets hope for the sake of this card carrying vegetarian that those dogs are of the soy variety

The battlefield

Teaching Eva the ways of the hunter and gatherer

Bike wise I am trying to lay low with the hopes of getting some spark back, last week was busy from allot of angles and after 2 weekends of traveling and racing I was pretty warn down. I did do some riding over the weekend just because the weather was nice. Hit up some old UC single track but was to tired to enjoy the uphill. A few more days off the bike and I hope my legs are raring to go, will see.

Also got a little trail work done over the weekend, I need to have a trail building party in order to get this thing knocked out and ready for the summer TT series. Digging builds great upper body strength and there is nothing like the smell of the earth.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'd love a tail building party! we should head out on another epic road ride like last year then back to your house for some digging.

If I were to design a super hero he'd be trail maker. He could fly and have multiple arms with rakes, saws, shovels etc.. you name it he could build it. He'd also have a desire to make sweet rhythum sections, hip jumps and burm out every turn.

Call me any time.. I'm good for some digging.

7:02 PM

Blogger flahute said...

Wow ... Sager's shades are almost as ugly as Hincapie's!

10:55 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...


Sounds like a crazy time with the family!

Just set myself up with some powercranks and was curious if you had any input on them from a biomechanics standpoint. I've had trouble with my lateralis and iliopsoas (i think) in recent years and, short of surgery, have tried most everything. I figured the powercranks would bring out the weak muscles. Any ideas?

edmiston9 at hotmail

10:19 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice title to the post... made me laugh. Then it was funnier when I read on and saw you were speaking from experience.

1:30 PM


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