Monday, April 09, 2007

look into those baby blues

You can learn about someone based on their Subway sandwich selection. For example on Friday we pilled into the foxmobile and headed to the cholla challenge. We stopped at Subway in Filmore as this is one of the only places you can watch your food be prepared, thats another story. Anyway, I normally order the sub of the day but Friday that means Tuna which I am leary off. I went with a 6 inch turkey/ham on wheat toasted with provolone and the ususal addition of marinara sauce. Toppings include letuce, tomato, and pickles. A conservative sandwich with a little custom twist of marinara. Sager ordered up a 12 inch veggie on wheat with what else, all sorts of veggies. Sager goes big but with a hint of reserve. Fox on the other hand had the sandwich artist put together a 12 inch turkey and cheese on wheat with double meat. Fox goes all out period, no reservations! In contrast the the 3 of us Sara and Craig opted out of Subway alltogether and went with thier preperpared homemade pasta and pesto, a superior choice altogether. If you know any of these induviduals then their sandwich choice is no surprise.
Back to the bike game. The chola was a hot,dry desert race, exactly what I needed after my psychlogical meltdown in AZ. I new I was not feeling my best so I just wanted to ride steady for the entire race, nothing fancy. Sager and got of the front on the first hill but were chased down by "PREFOX" through the flat whoops. We rode together for about a lap and until I found myself out the back on the fast power section. I reeled them in in the gradual rollercoster climb and we all rolled through for the last lap together. We did not have a feed so Sager and I would stop each lap and get fresh bottles, Fox on the other hand chose to punch it through the start/finish and on the 3rd lap begin to pay the dehydration price. Sager and I found ourselves alone on the front again where we rode a conservative lap to ride in together, to bad we don't have our new Mona Vie kits yet, thats 2 races together in the front. As soon as the courses get more selective this will be hard to pull off.
I was happy with my ride, I did not have great energy or snap but I was very steady and kept my head in the game even when my body was not.
A great weekend with great company, a good reason to be a bike racer.
I have now had a couple days off the bike and might do an easy commute tomorrow and then maybe another day or two off the bike before I get back to some training. I hope to build a little more endurace at race pace in the next few weeks and I need to be rested to do it.
I am looking forward to the annual gillespie easter egg hunt/weenie roast/egg fight this weekend, details to come.
Quick tip: This is a bike fit tip so it is very much a generalization as everyones body type requires a special fit. Fit is a personal thing but I have found that being comfortable under full power is whats important. Unfortantly, we set our bikes up on a trainer or with a tape and just hop on a spin around. When we are under full power our bodies contract and shorten and we end up being in a position that is a little to long but then when we slow up the position feels great. For me a position that feels just a little tight when cruising around seems to work perfect when under full power. But then again, what do I know about fit as I am constantly tweaking mine.


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