Monday, April 23, 2007


So while everyone was out of town racing this weekend I simple got back to bike riding. I wanted to be racing somewhere but with as many races as Rosie attends in my behalf there is no way I was going to miss her running race. Eva and I had a great time hanging out at the gateway waiting to cheer for Rosie at the finish, running races have a cool vibe and man those Kenyans sure are built for speed. In the afternoon I hit the shoreline over to ensign peak and radio towers, after the rain the trails were buffed and even with my slick tires I could rail the turns. After a few hours in the dirt I hit the pavement on the MTB and rode down to Revolution to swap out handlebars, had a good time chillin at the shop before a tired ride back home.

Quick tip: If you are a mtn bike racer and don't spend some pavement time on the MTB then you are missing out. Riding in the dirt all the time can be hard on the body and cramp your recovery style so riding the blacktop is a great way to build efficiency on the MTB without getting beat up. I know pro racers who strictly ride MTB's on and off road, think about the training principle of specificity. I do ride a road bike a bit back and forth to work but in the days before a Mtn race I always commute on the MTB. If nothing else it helps the confidence and "feel" on the bike, and that's half the battle.

Today's funeral was really good and once again focused my perspective, perspective is everything!

Next time you see me with my shirt off you will know why I am so buff, 3204 lbs of flagstone moved today, now I just have to lug it up to the upper yard

Mother nature celebrated my victory over the stone with a rainbow to tell your friends about, this shot does not do it justice.

We finished up a great day by having Sager over for cold cereal, we enjoyed cookie crisp, lucky charms, and Trix. Dinner of champions, Jones would be proud!


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