Thursday, March 08, 2007

week after week

Just a normal week of commuting to work on the bike, it's so nice to ride to work in the light. As much as I like daylight savings I am not looking forward to the dark mornings next week, I guess it shouldn't last long. I saw the 1st morning rider of the year going up the canyon at 6:45am and guess what it was attorney jared, what a nut!Tuesday I was off work and got in a good 2 hour ski at mtn dell, it had just been groomed and for the 1st 1.5 hrs was really fast, then it got to warm and felt like skiing in peanut butter. I also finished the up stairs guest room window coverings and got all my wood and construction supplies cleaned out of the other 2 rooms. Moving all that heavy stuff down 2 flights of stairs wrecked my legs, this must be what fox felt like after his lava run. I have slowly been shoveling the 3ft of heavy snow off the back deck, I do about 10ft a day so I don't wreck myself.
The cyst in my netherlands continues to rear it's ugly face, I am getting one more injection in a couple weeks and if this doesn't finish it off then I will have to get it cut out and stiched up, that means weeks without saddle time. If it comes to it I will have it done in early April and hopefully be ready for action by May. Cross your fingers.

I am thinking about doing the MTB/skate TT up at white pine this Saturday but am not sure about the slick tubulars I currently have on the scalpel. Will see if I can get myself together for the 8 am start. To bad it's not a mass start race, then I could use my elbows on sager in the corners.

If your throwing down on the emigration oaks climb and need a quick rest or refuel don't be afraid to stop by.

another post without pictures, pathetic!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ha. Nuts is commuting in the winter from Emmigration Oaks everyday. (On second thought, given the context of your post, it is somewhat impolite of me to use the adjective, "nuts" -- best of luck with that . . .)

Going into the basement to see if my mountain bike is still down there.

9:41 PM

Blogger Jared said...

On third thought, if they have to cut "it" out, will you be put in the stirrups? It's not often that a man has occasion to use those you know. Consider yourself privileged.

9:47 PM

Blogger jsager said...

you can throw the 'bows when you lap me...or throw the 'bows when you're in the stirrups.

8:06 AM


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