Sunday, March 11, 2007

this Tuesday YOU can make a difference

So spring is on its way and so are more trails. Anyone that can make the SL County meeting on Tuesday should, we can't let the influential outspoken minority strong arm the county into changing the well researched and most usable Emigration Canyon Master Trail Plan.
Also I am hoping to do a road ride up emigration following the meeting if anyone is intreasted.

Dear Friends and trail lovers,

Although I have not received the final schedule I have just been told that the Salt Lake County Council will review, discuss, and hopefully approve the Emigration Canyon Trails Master Plan this coming Tuesday, March 13th! Discussion of the plan is scheduled for 1 pm and comments from the public will be taken at 4 pm.

PLEASE COME! Tuesday will be the final hurdle in an epic struggle to create a trail system in Emigration Canyon that could connect the BST with the Mormon Pioneer Trail. And YOU CAN HELP MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!

There is a chance they will postpone a final vote until the following week. Regardless, they need to see and hear from people who want more trails in Salt Lake County and who care about open space and public lands access at the fringes of our community. THAT MEANS YOU!!!!

Please plan on taking an hour or so out of your day on Tuesday and coming down to the SL County Complex. You will have three minutes to give your comments. If there are enough of us down there you might not have to speak at all!

The Council Chambers are located in the North Building on the first floor. There is plenty of free parking immediately to the east of the complex.

If you absolutely can not make it please ask the council to approve the Emigration Canyon Trails Master Plan and send your comments to:,,,,,,,,


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'd love to be there but unfortunatly I'll be at work. Sorry. Hope things go well.

8:46 PM

Blogger flahute said...

It sucks that they schedule this stuff during the work day, making it more difficult for people who care to speak their voice.

The cynic in me wants to say this is typical of Utah politics, but I saw the same thing in SF and Marin County all the time.

9:53 PM

Blogger IamMatt said...

Email sent. Thanks for the addresses.

7:57 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm going to try to be there by 4:00 for the comments. I'll forward the emails to my friends that aren't able to make it.

I know we need to fight one battle at a time, but has anyone tried to get a bike path/trail built from Mountain Dell to Jeremy to PC? It would be nice to do that ride w/o riding on the shoulder of the freeway. Anyway, hopefully I'll see you tomorrow,


9:30 AM

Blogger primetime formerly known as slyfox said...

check the link

10:39 PM


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