Monday, March 05, 2007

1/10 second

I have been lazy and busy, thus no posting.
The good old Utah MTB kick off in st george was a good time. Sager and I rode 4 laps not more than a few feet from each other except for when my front der. twisted and I had to stop to work on it. I put in a good effort to get back on the cajun train and we finished it out.It was fun riding with someone as we were able to chat throughout the race. I did well and was able to go reasonably fast but my legs did not have the snap for fast climbing. Sager nipped me at the finish as we both made an indecisive sprint through the chicane.

The Scalpel is hands down the best XC race bike made, the valving on the new lefty is perfect, and the carbon tubulars ride well. If I had to use my hard earned cash to buy a race bike, the scalpel would be it. I can't wait to see how fast it can go when I have it dialed and am feeling good.

sorry for no pics but I gotta run, go see the husla he has plenty of time for posting.


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