Thursday, March 29, 2007

11 hour drive to wait at the airport

I am sitting curbside at Logan international waiting for Janie coming in from Alabama. This airport has cool free wifi that works out in the parking structures. Burned a couple laps on the TT course today with Rog in the sunshine. Its fast and should be around 20 min or so. Its a fun course although the bald tubulars on the ball bearing like gravel are a little spooky. The drive down was not bad but I am not one for white line fever. Eva and Rosie went to the Phoenix zoo today and played with a stingray.

I will try to keep my tip series going while I am away but I don't think the taco stand across the street from the motel 6 in Mesa has free wi fi.

2. Spring: This time of year we get crazy swings in weather that throw our planned training out of wack. Don't sweat it. There is no such thing as a make or break work out, fitness takes months and years to build and will not be lost with a couple days off because of snow, if you have to ride for sanity sake go outside for 20-30 min and ride pretty hard, no trainers this time of year. Most competitive cyclists, myself included have a tendency to do to much without enough rest, those with families and full time jobs are even more at risk, a spring snowstorm is perfect forced recovery. This week I have had a couple 20-30 min rides/commutes with today's being the long ride of the week at 1 hour, I should be ready to go for the weekend of racing.


Blogger StupidBike said...

Uh Logan International is in Boston.

10:49 PM

Blogger flahute said...

Sky Harbor International is in Phoenix.

7:12 PM


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