Friday, December 01, 2006


Skiing yesterday was great, I got a little carried away for my 1st time out this year and am paying the price today.

Word on the street is this cold weather is killing all the base milers out there and surely some trainers are getting some use. I could not hack it, cycling is hard enough without having to stare at a tv and watch sweat pool underneath me. I would rather ride in a subzero blizzerd than pedal without going anywhere. I love experimenting with layers, you can dress for anything Utah has to offer. Don't get sucked in by the trainer/tv combo as the outside is much more intreasting. I saw another moose yesterday.
To me weather is a mental game, I live Utah and I want to be outside, thus I will win the game by enjoying any kind of weather. Don't get me wrong, I love summer but man do I appreciate it more after riding at speeds higher than the temp.

On a different note my USADA case is heating up but I am still not able to comment on things yet, it's only a matter of time.

This weekend I have to pack alot of fun into a short amount of time as I am leaving for New Hampshire on Sunday for a polytrauma conference at Dartmouth college. Should be good but I wish I had time to ski, I don't know if they have snow but the campus grooms like 25 km.

See ya at the Fort!


Blogger flahute said...

Kick some USADA booty-behind. You got some support in VeloNews ...

10:53 PM

Blogger sp said...

Good ride today Bartman! Cheers!!

5:17 PM

Blogger Utah Mnt biker said...

Are we going to see "Free Bart" bands?

1:19 PM


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