Sunday, December 10, 2006

Done 2!

Utah cylocross finished with a bang in some real mud, we often don't get to race in the mud so we have to relish every opportunity. The race was all about not making mistakes. I managed to keep it up right most of the race and ended up with a gap by the end. The pace never seemed that fast as it is difficult to transfer power from the pedals to forward motion in slick mud, good thing it was slimy because I was not feeling that hot after a tough week. The awards party stepped it up a notch this year and the Bistro put together some great eats. A big shout to Matt and crew, it's hard to believe Mr. ADD himself can pull off such a great event week after week, it must be the help!

Despite only having glimpses of the form I know is possible I had a great local cross season, the fields are getting huge and if you have ever considered racing cross in Utah, next year should be the year! Cross is the ultimate family mans sport as it does not take all day and the family can actually watch the racing rather than standing at some feed zone 100 miles from anywhere for a 10 second glimpse of the action. Long live cross in the beehive state.

Clean up is the only bad part of mudin, 2 bikes would been great today but for clean up purposes I am glad I only used one. I also kept my leg warmers on during the race despite the warm temps, simplified clean up- strip the clothes into a plastic bag.

Once again Eva had a great time clapping for the racers and of course chasing dogs.

This morning at 6:45 Eva and I saw the 3 planets in the eastern sky, Mars, Jupiter, and Venus I think, it was cool but if you were not already out of bed it was not worth it. Skied this am but we need more snow. Hiked a freeze creek loop with Eva and Rose and now it is tempting to snow.
Maybe tonight.


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