Sunday, December 24, 2006

back at it

Nearly back to my active self and just in time for a little snow fall and holiday break.

Mon: 1hr ski at mtn dell, track hanging on by a thread before some new snow.

Tues: 1 hr ride on road bike (commuting)

Wed: 3hrs on road bike with Free Sager, rode up city creek and found that road bikes rip on frozen tundra plowed roads, almost made it to the top. Itchy feet in the shower!

Thurs: 1 hr ski at mtn dell, track improving.

Fri: 2 hour ski at mtn in the soft stuff, upper loop much improved and across the stream is not bad. Every time I go I see at least one cyclist avoiding the trainer, today: Susie, Louder, Daryl, and another gut I can't remember

Sat: 3 hr MTB in the snow with Rog and the Bro's. Conditions not perfect as the snow is very dry and blown. We did find a few good trails by the shooting range, Matts track, and green pipe road. Rock canyon and mental DH unrideable. Pulled Eva on a sled behind the 4 wheeler for the first time, she is into it.

Today: may ski the track and rip the MTB on some trails around the house, will see!

One good thing about being sick is you absolutely appreciate your health afterward.

ride/ski safe


Blogger flahute said...

Bart -- Merry Christmas, and may the New Year bring you everything you desire.

9:48 PM

Blogger Stormin' said...

Screding the gnar. Yaaaa!

6:43 AM


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