Wednesday, November 29, 2006

4 F.

4 degrees when I left the house this am on the commuter bike, I had a lot of clothes on. Record so far this year but I hope to better it by 10 degrees sometime this winter was passing cars down the canyon on the snow pack roads.

Mtn Dell has been groomed and tomorrow morning I plan to hit up the track for some skiing then maybe in the afternoon I can get in a spin on the cross bike, mid-week days off rule. 2 cross races left in the series but with the cold weather my desire to ski is out waying my desire to ride, not going to nationals only exacerbates the problem.
I am excited for winter- the snowblower, skiing the track, character building morning commutes, snowshoeing with Eva on my back, and just a change of pace.

If I was a high roller like prime rib I would be at the Jazz game, I am watching from the sofa.

when is indoran going to post?


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