Thursday, October 05, 2006

laugh as you walk

Rosie and Eva busted

I have been wallowing in self pity since last weeks cross debacle and have not been able to post anything, no not really just crazy busy. Still have not been feeling that hot but better than last week. Today I did a presentation for the hospital on cycling for exercise, afterwards I was convinced bikes are the coolest. So last minute I decided to head out to Boston and race the UCI weekend in Gloucster, I leave in the am and will meet up with slim and slimmer's dad Bill. If you don't know the Petersen family, you are missing out. Very genuine people with some serious on the bike talent. I am bummed to miss the local cross scene but racing in New England is epic, over 100 elites coming hot into the boards is pretty intense. I won't have a good start spot but am hoping the legs come together in time for a quality effort. I am going to miss little Eva this weekend, she is walking all over and more fun than ever.

Eva flat bustin it!


Blogger jsager said...

rip it. that course is home to the perfect 'cross storm.

10:05 PM


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