Tuesday, October 10, 2006


The one problem with quick racing trips when your also a 40 hr stiff and family man is when you get home you have alot of catch up to do, I have been busy so this recap may take me a few days to put together or I may just whip out a junky write up.

So I cashed in a few miles and flew toBoston on Friday, pilot Bill picked me up and we made it to the course just before dark. I burned a few laps and had a good time after being on a plane all day. The course is very fast, not technical, and realy not much reason to preride. The classic power course. Bill motor paced me to our hotel through the narrow streets of gloucster and I felt good. We stayed in cool place right on the atlantic and had a honeymoon view from our windows.

Saturday's race went down about as expected, I did not have the power to move through the field and make the front groups after starting on the 5th or 6th row. I lost some respect for a few riders who think that because they have a name in the cycling world they are entilted to better start spot. So about 70 guys wait in the cold for 40 mins to get a spot behind the call ups to then watch a few big names (adam craig, chris horner to name just a few) just waltz right to the front. Now these clowns have more power in their little finger than I ever thought of having and should not get to warm up while the rest of us stand around, real classy guys. To add insult to injury the promoter adjusts the call ups and includes some UCI races that are not yet included on the official list, typical half-assed american UCI racing. Anyway its good practice.

So just before the race the UCI official anounced that USADA would test the winner and 2 randoms following the event. So I cross the line and see the escort grab troy wells and then hear the anouncer call another random to control, so thats it right. Wrong, I find out a couple hours latter that I am an alernate and was called after someone did not show up, I went back to the event but it was to late. The next morning the USADA people tell me they can do nothing as they have already sent the info in. So anyway long story short I missed a doping control, I called USADA and they claim they have not received the info from the event yet. Will see what comes of it. We have very little hope for a clean sport and from what I can tell the current testing procedures may do more harm than good.

Sunday's race went a little better but I was still a little low on power on the flat grass into the wind. I was bummed the promoter did not take the time to change the course and was tempted to ask for a entry fee discount for racing on nearly the same course back to back. After the race we rode up the coast to another fishing village and mitch and I got taken out by some nut in little truck, good thing we were going slow, just a few bruises.

It was a good time and I got to catch up with shriver, Mcgovern, and the restof the racing crowd, but its nice to be home and playing with my girls.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm a chimera. I drank beer before the race. Somebody put EPO in my gatorade. Just when I thought I'd heard it all, now this! At least when you lap me in the next race, I'll know why! Just messin'.


8:55 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love that you end it with:
>It was a good time
'cause you know, it doesn't sound all that great.
Look for my new website:


coming soon.

10:47 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, that was me (above).

10:47 AM


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