Friday, October 27, 2006

filled with seeds

Got my birdhouse up just in time for winter, I hope to provide a refuge for our little feathered friends through the death grip of winter.

Our Denver trip is already to go, it worked out perfect and I should be able to hit some good races. I am spending next week at the Denver VA to work with a couple amputees recieving c-legs and will try to hit the UCI race in Boulder this weekend and then the USGP races next weekend. Eva and Rosie are coming along as they don't like staying home in the mountains alone, they plan to explore Denver all week while I am working.
Tomorrow is the another Utah cyclocross race at RMR which I am sure will be another tough one, if you can race a conservative cross race that's my plan, hope to save some legs for the next day in Boulder. The down side to our trip is we will be missing all the Holloween parties, I was going to be Tarzan, Rosie as Jane, and little Eva as the Monkey.

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