Friday, September 15, 2006

cross weather- a little early!

Future cross star honing her barrier technique

The last couple days I have been hanging out with little Eva after work while Rosie gets stuff done. It has not been good for my training but man that little girl cracks me up. Today the water has been coming down, good for the new grass and plants but bad for the morale, I prefer the indian summer. I got out for a quick lunch ride on my old cross bike and managed to dodge the rain for most of it, I am still dialing in my position on the bike and as soon as I get it right my new ones will be here and I will start the process over. What's with no day of registration for the Big Mountain hillclimb, do they think this is the tour or something? I found out today and my decision has been made for me. I guess the road geeks don't want the mountain bikers (who are used to day of Reg) to show up and crush. So maybe I can get comfortable on the cross bike tomorrow. I have been kicking around the idea of manning up and finishing my doctoral project this fall, if I wasn't teaching and doing labs this semester I am sure I could do it, but that just might put me on intellectual overload. Will see.
Enjoy your weekend


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