Friday, September 22, 2006

93 Dodge Caravan

So on the drive up to snowbird this morning for the PT conference it's just bustin down snow like a mid winter dream. Just past Tanner Flat (anything but flat) traffic comes to a stop on the nearly snow pack road and and up ahead we see a highway patroller standing outside of his SUV turning people around due to the road conditions. As the cars turn around we start moving again and pull up beside him with the window down, he takes one look at the van and says "anyone without chains or 4-wheel drive needs to turn around". We said thanks and continued to drive as I say to Tom "He obviously has no idea what a 1993 Caravan can do in the hands of the right driver" The roads become snow pack and we continue to rally up the 10% grade when we come upon this jacked up, over treaded, F350 crew cab who is stuck in the gutter because he thought he could turn around anywhere in his fancy 4 wheeler, surely he felt silly when his moms minivan just went by him like it was on snow tracks. We made it to the bird and parked in a lot full of 4-wheel drives.
Never underestimate a minivan!


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