Wednesday, August 02, 2006

I have an original This Old House T-Shirt

Watching This Old House right now, best show on tv. There remodeling a home in Hawaii about 100 ft from the beach, when they started the landscaping I got all excited, I am currently trying to be a landscaper. I would post some more hacker training tips but I have not been training much lately. I have had a flair of my left sciatic nerve, the same issue I have been battling for nearly 2 years. I have ruled out a lumbar etiology and am convinced it is due to an entrapment in my buttock, I go for a pelvis MRI next Thursday to check out my hip external rotators. I guess it's a good time to take a little break from racing so I am not going to push it, I may do Evanston as the last IC race but not to serious. Bummed not to be in Brian Head but in typical team big bear style it will be an expensive event where the racers play second fiddle to the convenience of the promoter. Unfortunately my new Raleigh cross bikes are delayed so I won't have them until September, I was hoping to get a little more time on them before racing.
Kyle is flying out to Utah tomorrow for a month of goofing around before he is back at the books, maybe we can hit the links. The big rain Storm did wonders for packing my trail, I rallied the Honda trail 110 on it to help pack it down while its damp. I hope to start working on the trail again this fall. Not much to report here, sorry if you came looking for good pics or answers to lives burning questions. HGTV's Landscape Smart is on now!


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