Sunday, August 06, 2006

flower girl

Not racing the last few weeks has been tough. When we built our home the foothill county overlay zone (FCOZ)ordinance required that we post a $2500 bond for reseeding and landscape to be done within 1 year, well it is fast approaching and I want my money back. I have recently turned my focus from racing to landscaping in order to get the sprinklers in, finish the shed, get the yard prepared for sod, reseeding with wildflowers and ground cover, tree planting, and general manual lobor. My fitness on the bike has gone a little south but my back is ripped- to pieces! All year I have been attempting to balance racing with the rest of my life and have found some success, this time of year and this type of work were just to much. If I can just get things nearly done by September I will have plenty of time to be in good form for cross season.
After working most of yesterday we joined the Heckman's for a hike/picnic up to Twin Lakes above Brighton. Eva loved playing in the wildflowers and Rosie packs an amazing spread. On the hike around the boardwalk at Silver Lake we ran into an inspiration to all of us, Gael Yonett. Gael is first year medical intern at the VA who is newly adjusting to being paralyzed below the waist due to a snowboarding accident in March. I recently had the opportunity to help him get his over night on-call room wheelchair accessible. Since then I have been drawn to his infectious personality and attitude. At silver lake he was burning laps around the lake in his wheelchair, he has spynergy wheels with SPOX spoke technology. It would be very dificult to complain about being sore, tired, or fatigued on the bike to Gael. I am excited to work with Gael down the road as a PM&R resident, he will make a great doc.

"Look at all these flowers I can eat"

What a babe!


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