Monday, August 31, 2009

post peru

So I am home with the flu so I have time to update.

While we were in Peru our little girls got a violent 24-hour stomach flu, and then everyone that was helping to care for them while we were out of town got the bug, we felt terrible but could do nothing from the Southern Hemisphere. When Rosie and I got home we figured everyone was recovered and we would be in the clear. Not so, Rosie was down Friday night and Saturday and I enjoyed my turn Sunday night into Today. How do those little bugs live so long. Anyway, I guess it's only fitting we sampled some of the torture of our dear family and friends. It was rough, thanks. Hopefully I can pull it together for the PCPP.

Peru was worth it, and you ought to think about going next year...


Blogger MtbAllDay said...

Rough summer.

8:52 PM


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