Sunday, February 01, 2009

3 sides of Kessler

The Kessler Trifeca as named by the Samurai was somewhat inspired by the our quick trip up and down Argenta on Wednesday, Alex surely will be disappointed to have missed the follow up. Jared provided such a nice write up I figured I would just share a few pictures, after all he is a wordy attorney.

Jared booting up the East ridge of Kessler

Gods lawnmower looks small from below

East couloir of Kessler is a jem of jems!

Jared a couple turns in after we cut the cornice

looking back up the apron before enjoying some fine powder skiing

beta for a future tour

more beta

Wasatch powder skiing at it's finest

Jared enjoys a trip through bonkersville on the 3rd time to the top of Kessler in a 5 hr period

Enjoying a well earned breather!


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