Monday, July 07, 2008

bc aftermath

Back to the good life with the family. Not much time for details from the race as I am frantically trying to catch up on life at home. The yard is a jungle, got to play with the girls, build up a new bike, go to work, sleep and recover, clean up loads of junk, and plan my next adventure.
As always the racing is the easy part, it's getting life back in order upon return that is challenging.

I can't thank my family enough for all the support and sacrifices they make so I can pretend I am a pro bike racer. Could not do it without them!
Got this picture in my email after a rough day in the woods

I can't say I had my best race and actually don't remember one instance where I had "good" legs, not even on the first day. I am not sure why things did not come together like I had planned but they didn't and I am happy with how I dealt with it. Like I have said before your best races are not the ones that define you as an athlete, its the tough ones, the inner battles.
race details and stories to come......


Blogger flahute said...

Bart ... I think I can safely say that all of us in the 801 are proud to call "The Working Man" one of our own, no matter what the results.

4th overall, against full-time pros, is a result to be proud of.

Besides ... it's really all about CX ... we're really counting on you to improve on your 7th place at Nationals with a podium placing, preferably on the top step.

6:40 AM


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